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United We Collect, prides itself on our corporate motto:

“Achieving Solutions Together”

Our goal is to, not only minimize complaint calls while maximizing revenue, but to educate consumers and assist them in satisfying their balances by treating each customer with kindness and giving them options to pay down their debt, we truly care. Wouldn’t you take pleasure working with just one company for all of your outsourcing needs? We offer you convenient and efficient A/R Cycle Management by having all of your accounts with one company – Debt CollectionsFull-Service Billing and Self-Pay Outsource.

“We build too many walls, and not enough bridges” –

Isaac Newton

United We Collect

Our debt collection company offers a professional and ethical method to retrieve your over due account receivables. We utilize a fair methodical approach when working with your customers. This technique enables us to discover the precise solution that fits best for our customer needs.

Customer Service Center

We handle all of your self-pay accounts so that you can focus on your claims while reducing your overhead. This will free up your time and reduce cost so that you can focus on your top priorities.

Provider Outsource

Our full service billing company strives to reduce your overhead cost by skip-tracing, filing claims, payer data-mining, invoicing, out-bound calls and removing any concerns in regard to turnover, employee management. You can now focus on perfecting your business.

Making an Impact For Our Clients

Our company is fueled by the happiness, desires, needs, and wants of our clients. We have the capability to tailor services per the clients needs, provide full transparency through our online portal and provide custom analytics reports as needed.

We believe our clients satisfaction is paramount. Our goal is to decrease confusion and stress, while providing client specific services. We understand every client’s needs and wants are unique; we strive to adapt per client. Giving up is not an option for us!

Consistently a top producer with our clients that have multiple agencies!

We take pride in helping people. Our company cares about each person we come in contact with by providing the best options to resolve their accounts.

Thank you for visiting United We Collect! Please complete the form, so we can provide you quick and efficient service. If you have an urgent need, please call Customer Support toll free at 866-456-4827. We are Customer Service!

Meet Our Team

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President/CEO UFMS

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Chief Operating Officer


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Collection Manager

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